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MGF Peptide For Sale India

MGF from Pharma Lab Global India, also known as Mechano Growth Factor, is a spliced variant of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), a protein involved in the healing and building of damaged muscle tissue. It’s primarily produced to speed up muscle repair and boost muscle growth, making them particularly relevant in studies related cellular growth and tissue regeneration. Research suggests MGF stimulates the division and fusion of satellite cells into muscle fibres, thereby promoting muscle hypertrophy and enhancing muscle fibre number.

Furthermore, MGF peptides also exhibit an essential role in boosting the body’s nitrogen retention and increasing protein synthesis, which are crucial aspects of muscle growth and repair. Pharma Lab Global India provides MGF peptides with an exceptional purity level of 99%. These peptides are available in various forms to meet diverse research requirements, including vials, pre-mixed pens, and even nasal sprays.

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